Saturday, June 18, 2011

Introduction to Channeling Grammy

My children call her Grammy, my nieces call her Grandmommy, but I just call her Mom.

My mother has been the keeper of the family history for many years. I’m not sure what got her started, but I’m glad she did.

Recently I received from her four bankers boxes filled with her genealogical research. It is now my honor and privilege to continue her legacy and make more connections on our family tree. Most of her research was done in the pre-Internet days, so there’s much left for me to contribute.

In this blog I will share the new things I learn along the my journey into family history. Sometimes it may be techniques; other times it may be newly discovered facts. Still other times I may just share things that have inspired me and may inspire you.

Surnames: Appling, Barrett, Childers, Collins, Davis, Edmonds, Green, Harper, Habich, Knight, McKinnon, Melton, Murrah, Parker, Perryman, Prince, Rippetoe, Standley, Stokes, Swinney, and more.

Locations: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

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