Tuesday, July 19, 2011

83 Years Ago Today

1928 was a tough year in Grammy’s family.  Two children in the family died in separate accidents that summer.  One of those children was Grammy’s only sister, Carolyn.

Carolyn CollinsGrammy and Carolyn’s mother had died in 1927, leaving Grammy’s father as a single parent.  Single parenting isn’t an easy job now; it was at least as hard if not harder back then.

Probably because of the family situation, Grammy and Carolyn spent the summer of 1928 with their grandmother, Susan Emma Prince, in the Boulder Colorado area.
Carolyn Car

One day that summer, the family was driving through the mountains – possibly in this car – and stopped to stretch legs and take in the view.  Carolyn ran across the road to join her Uncle Arthur, and was hit by a car.  She was not quite 5 years old.

We don’t talk about Carolyn much in the family.  Certainly her death was tragic and painful to all involved; however, I think the reason we don’t speak of Carolyn is that we never knew her.

We remember you today, Carolyn, 83 years after your left this world.

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  1. What terror and heartache must the grandmother of Carolyn must have felt, especially knowing the mother of the two girls had just died. She must have gone to her grave guilty over this death. Such a tragedy. Thanks for sharing this poignant and sad story. It makes us realize how vigilant we have to be with little children -- and even then, mistakes happen. Welcome to the blogging community. I do a family site too and am fasciated by others stories as well.