Thursday, August 18, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday: Perryman Quilts

Grammy’s Aunt Beulah (Beulah Collins Williams) tells the story of the family quilts.
Beulah's quiltQuilt made by my mother Amanda Jane Perryman [1860 – 1945] about 1883.  She married in 1885.

The cotton for lining and padding was grown on her father’s farm in Kentucky.  She carded the cotton, spun it into the thread for sewing and also for weaving the lining.

She made 3 of these quilts, different patterns but same qualities.  They were given to my 3 brothers.  Oldest brother died in 1908 and quilt was given to me.
quilt-1885 - Carlos
I do not know who currently has Arthur’s/Beulah’s quilt.  I assume that it is loved by one of her grandchildren.

The photo at left is the corresponding quilt that was given to Carlos Collins.  Grammy still has it.  The quilt is about 125 years old.

The remaining quilt was given to Ray Collins.  Grammy says that it was well loved and eventually “used up”.

Grammy’s tip:  One of the best ways to store an heirloom quilt is laid flat on an unused bed.  She doesn’t have an unused bed, so hers is rolled in white cloth and stored in a closet.

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  1. What wonderful treasures - having a quilting grandmother of my own, and another that did the same sort of crewel embroidery as her own mother did, this post was so enjoyable to read.