Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cousin Bait

I will readily admit that a nice side benefit of this blog is that it provides a point of contact for unknown cousins.  A couple of distant cousins have already found me through this blog, and others have found me through  It is always exciting to get a notice that a distant relative has found an entry on my tree and wants to connect.

Today, I’m putting it out there for people to Google.  Here is a lengthy list of direct-line ancestors in my research family tree.  Hopefully someone will find a name that they care about when they search, and we’ll be able to connect and exchange information.

Ruth Antle (1751-1842) [Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky]
Joel Appling (1752-1838) [Virginia, Georgia]
John Appling (1798-1840) [Georgia]
Mary Frances Appling (1823-1880) [Georgia, Alabama]
Thomas Appling (1726-1801) [Virginia, Georgia]
Minerva Adeline Barrett (1842-1870) [South Carolina, Texas]
Oliver Barrett (1810-1877) [South Carolina, Texas]
Winifred Buckner (1751-1840) [Virginia, Georgia]
Mary M Childers (1837-1909) [Georgia, Alabama, Texas]
Albert Buell Collins (1862-1942) [Kentucky, Texas]
Samuel Collins (-1834) [Virginia, Kentucky]
Thomas Alexander Collins (1824-1892) [Kentucky]
Amanda H Davis (1861-1902) [Alabama, Texas]
Thomas Davis (1811-) [South Carolina, Alabama]
William T Davis (1831-1863) [Alabama]
Augustus Newell Edmonds (1846-1920) [Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma]
John Edmonds (1716-) [Wales, Virginia]
John Edmonds (1746-1830) [Virginia, Georgia]
William A Edmonds (1814-1902) [Georgia, Alabama]
Susan Martha Ellis (1838-1912) [Kentucky]
Lemuel Green (1814-1852) [South Carolina]
Susan Emma Green (1867-1953) [Texas, Arkansas, Colorado]
William Pinkney Green (1837-1907) [South Carolina, Texas]
Leo Edward Habich (1903-1976) [Kentucky]
Leopold Habich (1847-1920) [Germany, Kentucky]
Mary Hamner (1755-) [Georgia]
Nancy Harper (1821-) [North Carolina, Tennessee]
Buford Knight (1801-1850) [Kentucky]
Talitha Jane Knight (1827-1885) [Kentucky]
Agnes Maxwell (1795-) [Virginia]
David McCoy (1742-1822) [Scotland, South Carolina]
Susan Emma McCoy (1814-1883) [South Carolina, Texas]
Mary Polly McElroy (-) [Georgia]
John McElvain (1874-) [Kentucky]
Mamie Violet McElvain (1899-1979) [Kentucky]
Alexander McKinnon (1818-) [North Carolina, Tennessee]
Amanda Bell McKinnon (1858-1931) [Tennessee, Texas]
Elihu Melton (1798-1885) [North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama]
Emily Jane Melton (1835-1910) [Alabama, Texas]
Nancy Emily Murrah (1821-1893) []
Adeline Neal (1821-) [Kentucky]
Kemp H Parker (1815-) [North Carolina, Tennessee]
Kemp Hawkins Parker (1853-1928) [Tennessee, Texas]
Lula Mae Parker (1894-1928) [Tennessee, Texas]
Amanda Jane Perryman (1860-1945) [Kentucky, Texas]
George Washington Perryman (1804-1878) [North Carolina, Kentucky]
William Perryman (1760-1854) [Maryland, North Carolina]
Elizabeth Price (1841-1913) [Kentucky]
Harvey Price (1819-) [Kentucky]
Edward Prince (1803-) [South Carolina, Alabama, Texas]
James Nathaniel Prince (1860-1902) [Texas]
John W Prince (1837-1921) [Alabama, Texas]
Sarah Simmons Richards (1807-1898) [Georgia, Alabama]
Sarah Jane Rippetoe (1808-1886) [Kentucky]
William Rippetoe (1781-1863) [North Carolina, Kentucky]
William Rippetoe (1748-1839) [Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky]
Nancy Sherrill (1805-) [Tennessee]
David Standley (1797-) [Tennessee]
Louisa Standley (1828-) [Tennessee]
Elizabeth Steitz (1859-1934) [Germany, Kentucky]
James C Swinney (1818-1887) [Kentucky]
Thomas Gilbert Swinney (1900-1979) [Kentucky]
Thomas Wilson Swinney (1865-1940) [Kentucky]
Emily Vaughan (1816-1864) [South Carolina]
Cora Vincent (1876-) [Kentucky]
John H Vincent (1844-1917) [Kentucky]
Elizabeth Vinson (1787-1844) [North Carolina, Kentucky]
Hallie B Wellman (1875-1907) [Kentucky]
John Wellman (1839-) [Kentucky]
Anna Pearl Woods (1900-1997) [Kentucky]

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  1. Hi cousin. I'm nibbling on the Collins bait. I'm a descendant of Thomas Alexander Collins. I have some photos and history to share.