Saturday, March 17, 2012

What’s Up with the E names?

While researching Rippetoes in Russell County, Kentucky, I came across Orson Elmer Rippetoe and his wife Oda Ester McFarland.  Here you see them in the 1920 Census.


They named 7 children with E names.  E is not the a very popular starting letter for names!

Their children:
  • Eula Rippetoe
  • Earl Rippetoe
  • Elford Rippetoe
  • Ella Rippetoe
  • Evelyn Rippetoe
  • Edwin Rippetoe
  • and Edna Rippetoe who is in the 1930 census, but not the 1920, and might actually be Ella

They didn’t even use the obvious family names: Orson’s middle name was Elmer and Oda's middle name was Ester.
I guess they saved on monograms:  the parents were OR and the kids were all ER.Winking smile

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